Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweet Litttle Punkin'!

How cute is this little nugget?  Meet my newest nephew Carson Dean, the son of my baby sister Krista and my brother in law Shay!  For those of you who are counting, that makes 4 nephews and one niece total for me, and 5 grandsons for my pressure on me to produce another girl or anything!  My Mom has always told us girls that having a child is the only miracle in life you get to be a part of.  I used to think that was just something cheesy she said until I became a mother myself, and she could not have been more right.  It is a wondferul reminder of that miracle when you get to look into the eyes of a brand new baby.  From the second I saw this teeny tiny little guy I have been calling him nugget!  I hope for his sake that nickname doesn't stick!  Sorry in advance if it does little nugget!  A friend of mine looked at his picture right after he was born and said "Your family makes the most perfect looking little newborns", and I have to say, I whole heartedly agree;)  He has the most perfect little round head with the tiniest bit of peach fuzz, a perfect pink complexion and big eyes that draw you in.  He looks just like one of those latex "real life" baby dolls I had when I was a kid.  He is also a total and complete mini me of his 5 year old (today!) brother Reese.  Reese 2.0 might be another nickname to toss around!  Reese was hilarious during this shoot.  He is one of those kids who pretty much never stops talking and moving, and while I was setting up my next shot, he would be setting up a shot of his own to the side.  I had to include a picture of one of his "set ups" for a giggle!  They made me crack up when I came across them in editing!  My little sis has had a rough couple of years and I am incredibly proud of her, and happy to see her on the right track, and to welcome another happy, healthy and beautiful little fall punkin' to our amazing (and slightly crazy) family!

For Reese.  You may have photography in your genes!

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day...Don't Let it Slip Away!

It's pretty rare that I think about being on the other side of the lens, but as I was driving to this shoot, U2's "It's a Beautiful Day", was on the radio and it was completely fitting!  I seriously cannot recall a more beautiful day in recent memory.  It was an astounding 75 degree October day, the autumn sun cast a beautiful gold light over everything in sight and the leaves....oh my word, the leaves were SO colorful!  I LOVE fall and I would have loved for my little family be on the other side of the lens on the most beautiful day of the year, but if I was going to give the day away, at least it was to some special people!  Meet the Edwards, my little cousin Amanda, her husband Brian and their kids Taylor, Cassidy and Ben.  I say little cousin, but she's actually only a few months younger than me and she was like my third sister growing up.  Many of my favorite childhood memories involved Amanda and my sisters...making Barbie cities, playing scarves (don't ask), running through the hose and putting on concerts for our Grandma with our band "Midnight Illusions"  (please don't ask!).  Unfortunately, we don't see each other very often; she became the country mouse, and I the city mouse (as evidenced this day by my disdain and surprise at giant country bugs, and neighbors riding up on their tractors to "see what's going on"), so it's always fun to see her and the kids and catch up.  The girls were perfect angels and I see so much of their mama in them, and Ben, well...we managed to get a few shots of him with a "real" smile!  Haha! We even snuck in a few shots with Nana and Amanda and Brian on their Harley. They definitely made the best of this beautiful day and I hope they cherish these photos forever!