Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Produce Mom: Macky in he Middle!

If you live in Indianapolis and you haven't heard about The Produce Mom, you must be living under a rock....or ok, to be fair, maybe you're one of the last people on Earth who isn't on facebook! (Yes Mom, I'm talking to you).  The Produce Mom is just like you; only with way more energy and some mad cooking skills!  She's a mother of two young boys, who works full time and happens to write an amazing and witty blog about cooking healthy, delicious and EASY recipes for your family.  The key word here for me being easy!  Everyone who knows me, knows that I am domestically challenged, and even I have mastered and served some of her recipes to my boys!  I was incredibly excited when she asked me to document her son Mac's 2nd birthday party at Gymboree and the post party gathering for family at her home, complete with an appearance from the one and only Elmo, (did I mention, that this woman really knows how to throw a party?)!  The food, as always, was amazing and you can find all of her recipes and more at  Check it out, and check out the baby blues on little Mac!  What a fun day to celebrate a fun little boy!