Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus!

I would suffice it to say he was excited about Santa coming!

Making sure the cookies were safe for Santa

And the milk!  Purely a precaution

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Holidays From the Sanchez Family!

Ok, I've said this before, but this is officially my last outdoor photo shoot for a while.  Mom and I thought it would okay to brave the cold for a few outdoor shots, but neither of us were prepared for 18 degree weather!  The boys let us know right away that they were not at all pleased, so I'm happy with the few outdoor shots we did get.  Thanking my lucky stars that my indoor studio kit is scheduled to arrive in just a few weeks!  Thanks to Luke's trusty Buzz Lightyear gloves and a little small chat about John Cena (oh how thankful I am that my nephews recently educated me on who he is), I was able to get him to open up to me and relax a bit, but little brother Oliver was frozen and done after a few minutes.  I decided to meet them at their house this evening to get a couple more shots and wow am I glad I did.  Mom got Oliver to crack up, and the giggles I captured are just priceless!  Happy holidays Sanchez family!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Holidays From the Ketts!

Another of my fave families!  I photographed one of my best friends daughters, little Miss Dakota as a newborn and now at 10 weeks old she could easily pass for a four or five month old with all of that hair and her chunky monkey rolls! Where did that squishy little newborn go?  Did I tell you it flys by Mandy?!?!  For a 10 week old baby she was an absolute lady, in fact she was kind of hypnotized by the click of my camera and banged out this shoot rather quickly.  Now, if only we could have gotten Daddy to smile as well as Dakota did;)  Happy holidays Kett family!  XOXO

Happy Holidays From the Blairs!

Thank you unseasonably warm December weather for hanging around for just a bit longer Thanks to you I got to eek in another beautiful outdoor shoot before the nasty weather starts!  I love photographing this family, one because Mom and I are college friends and it gives us a chance to chat and catch up, but mostly because I can't get over this angelic little girl.  She makes my job so easy!  No Photoshop needed here....I swear she looks airbrushed in real life!  I'm sure that sweet face will make lots of people smile when they see her looking back at them from their Christmas cards this year!  I can't wait to do her one year photos soon.  She gets more beautiful every time I see her!